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Everything you ever wanted to know and possibly more.

  1. Why should you hire me?   My goal is to beautifully capture the moments you want to relive over and over well after the wedding day has passed. The entire wedding photography process will be as easy as possible for you from start (viewing my website and consultation) to finish (your hand crafted wedding album and high resolution images). This starts with you being able to collect much of the information you’re looking for through my website and then meeting with me in person to ensure we are a great fit. Trust is one of the most important relationship factors with your photographer. There will be no hidden surprises for you. You need to trust in me that I will capture you and your day exactly how you’ve always dreamed of. You are hiring an experienced and warm person that will put everyone at ease and allow for the natural moments to happen. I work to move mountains to help you create the perfect wedding timeline and help to keep it running smoothly to get the best photos possible. Rain or shine. It doesn’t matter. I capture the natural candid moments along with the beautiful gently posed portraits and everything in between. I want you to remember your beautiful day as graceful as it was through my lens, to relive it again and again, forever.
  2. Do you do photography full-time? Yes. I am a full time wedding and portrait photographer with a home studio located in North Delta, British Columbia. In my former life I was an insurance broker. For a while I tried to juggle being a mother, a photographer and working part-time. In 2012 I chose to leave my insurance career that I had held for 17 years and be a full time photographer. Best decision of my life!
  3. If we hire you for our wedding, can we get a second photographer? Absolutely!  When you hire me you I will always be the main (lead) photographer at your wedding. I photograph most weddings on my own, but there are certainly situations when having a second experienced photographer is a great option. If you would like a 2nd photographer at your wedding I hire another experienced wedding photographer that has their own business and shoots as lead photographer for them self. I do not operate a “husband and wife” team. Denise Lin and I have worked closely together for several years on many photography jobs. I also belong to many photography organizations, groups and have many other friends in the industry, so finding a great 2nd or 3rd photographer is easy!
  4. Do you offer digital files? YES!  High-resolution digital files are included with EVERY collection.  The files can be viewed in the online gallery or downloaded (individually or the whole wedding!) through the gallery.  Finally, after your album is complete you will receive a USB drive with ALL your HIGH RESOLUTION EDITED images. This USB will also include the RETOUCHED images that went into your wedding album. Also included are the print rights to your photos.  I do offer professional prints at reasonable prices, however, you will be able to print wherever you choose. Even your family and friends can download their favorites and have prints made.
  5. What equipment do you use and do you carry insurance?  I use professional grade Canon equipment which includes my cameras with “full frame” sensors, many “L” series lenses (ranging from 15mm fisheye to 200mm telephoto) and also professional lighting equipment when necessary. I particularly love my 85mm 1.2 lens. It’s lovingly referred to as my crystal ball. If you want to know why I’ll be happy to show you this beautiful piece of glass in person! I have two backup cameras with me on the wedding day, extra batteries (for cameras and lighting) and many extra memory cards.  Your photos will be beautiful, professional quality images.I carry a Commercial General Liability (CGL) business insurance policy. This covers my equipment as well as any damage or liability caused by me. Thankfully I’ve never had to use it! If your venue requires any proof of insurance I am happy to provide it.
  6. Do you travel for weddings?  Where are you based?  I will travel anywhere locally* to capture your day.  At this time I do not photograph destination weddings. *As for travel within our local market (British Columbia), there may be a small travel fee outside a specific mileage radius from my location.  For example, there would be a mileage and hotel cost for a wedding in Kelowna or on Vancouver Island. I am a Vancouver wedding photographer based in North Delta, B.C.
  7. How many images will we receive?  This varies from wedding to wedding, but generally you will receive somewhere between 50 to70 images an hour.
  8. What is your turn around time? Your wedding images will be ready to view within 4-6 weeks after your wedding day.
  9. OK, we want to hire you!  How do we do that, and how does this process work??  Very simple! I have a short questionnaire that I send to all prospective clients to get an overview of who you are and your wedding plans thus far to help form a vision of your day. From there, we set up a date to meet at my home studio. This is a great time to ask me any further questions you may have, and view some of the albums I offer in person, discuss any package customizations you may like and to see if we “click”. It is extremely important that you enjoy your photographer’s company on your wedding day. If you aren’t comfortable around them it will certainly show in your photos. You have the option to book at the consultation or to go home and think it over and then book online. Either option is very acceptable and easy to do. Please keep in mind that I do not “hold” dates without a contract and retainer in hand. A non-refundable $1000 retainer is required for all weddings upon booking. This secures your date for YOU. Once you have booked I refuse all other weddings for that same date. The contract will also be signed at this time. I am flexible and offer the flat retainer payment (instead of a percentage of your package) so that if you want to choose your exact package after we have discussed your wedding and engagement photography coverage in more detail or upgrade after you’ve signed the contract it’s easy to do.
  10. What sort of payment arrangements do you offer and is there tax?  As mentioned in the point above there is a non-refundable deposit is $1000. Weddings with digital files only are subject to GST. Weddings with physical product (even just a disk or USB) are subject to PST and GST. Most weddings are booked quite a while in advance. Which allows for a flexible payment schedule. Normally, I collect the retainer upon booking, 50% of the balance 6 months before the wedding and the final 50% of the balance one month before the wedding. I consider myself flexible, so if you would like to discuss alternate arrangements please ask. For payment I accept cash, cheques (including post dated – except for the retainer), e-transfers and credit cards.
  11. What advice do you have for a client looking to hire you? I feel that most of my clients find relief once they’ve hired me. They realize that they’ve hired a professional that will help guide them with the wedding progression through the entire photography process from creating the right package for them to the gentle guidance on the wedding day to creating the perfect wedding album. It is extremely important that you look through and love the images you see on my website. Your images will be created in similar style with the same due care and attention to detail. It is just as important that you like me as a person and again can trust in what I will create for you. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your LIFE. I’ve had past clients tell me that they felt so much more at ease when I arrived while they were getting ready. They knew that a wedding professional that had grown into a friend was there to help them take on the day.
  12. What do you wish your clients knew about photography?  My clients know the value of professional photography. It’s the small things and subtle nuances that make all the difference. Once my clients have the opportunity to work with me starting with the engagement session they will see how simple direction as well as well timed candid’s create such beautiful meaningful images. If I have to choose something that I wished my clients knew I guess it would be how truly fun the photography can be! It does take a few minutes to warm up to the camera, and this is why I insist on photographing an engagement session for you. It’s better to warm up here than on the wedding day! After a few “how to look great tips” and a few warm up snaps everything becomes so natural that you may just forget that there I am there with a camera in front of you.
  13. Why does your work stand out from other photographers?  I believe my experience and documentary / classic style stands apart from others. I have been told by other photographer colleagues and instructors that if they were to look at a series of images by several photographers they would be able to pick mine out time and time again. My work is beautiful and consistently so. My photographs engage and draw you in and allow you to relive the event all over again. Each wedding is different, but there are certainly similarities in the quality of capture and what you can expect to receive from me. I am happy to share complete wedding galleries with you to view. I have been told by colleagues that my posing (that doesn’t necessarily look posed) is top notch. I describe it as gentle guidance. I believe that when you look back on your photos whether it be next week or decades from now, they will bring back the exhilaration and happiness your felt on the wedding day all in a style that never goes out of fashion.
  14. What do you like most about being a wedding photographer?  I love being a part of the happiest day of people’s lives. This is quite a profound thing. I love marriage and the foundation it provides for family. I love the smiles and the tears. I love the generations and extensions of family that come together at a wedding. Having all of these people in one place at one time is a rarity. These photos are meaningful and their truest deepest meaning may not be apparent until years down the road. This leads me to want to talk about the family and group photos. Yes, I take them. Yes, I feel they are extremely important part of the day. Yes, I get them done quickly and efficiently, so that we can get on with more of the fun stuff. Oh, I also really like the yummy buffets!
  15. What question do clients most commonly ask you? What’s your answer? A lot of my clients ask me about rain on their wedding day. There are many options to deal with rain. You know they say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day! Having a good and attitude about it is the best way to deal with rain. I will have lighting, so if you would prefer to photograph indoors we certainly can. I’ve often photographed in the reception venue, but if you’re looking for something more there are several venues in Vancouver that will rent hourly indoor space for photography. If you are adventurous we can venture out into the rain with umbrellas and also find some open, but undercover areas to shoot too. In the rain we can have fun with off camera flash and back lighting to light up all the raindrops around you. You can find several examples of this throughout my past blog posts. Just search “rain” in the search box on the left side of the page.
  16. What is your greatest strength? My ability to roll with anything that comes my way and to keep the wedding photography running smoothly. I am an extremely adaptable, calm and level headed person. In the 10+ years that I’ve been photographing weddings there have been a lot of… unexpected moments, yes, let’s refer to them as that (whether it be for the bride or me). I’ve run into situations from the dress not fitting properly, bridesmaids breaking zippers and heels off shoes, ceremony officiates forgetting the vows and having to ride their bicycle back to their car to get them, cakes melting, a (rather large) videographer fall on top of me, camera malfunction (this only has ever happened once and I have the 2nd and 3rd camera to take over immediately), drunk groomsmen, power outages, the list goes on and on. We will get through it all and with smiles on our faces. Truly the most important thing of the day is that you and your partner are there vowing your love to each other forever. If any of these things happen on your wedding day take it in stride and know that this is part of the inevitable unplanned script that makes your story unique.

Ready to book your consultation with me? My home studio is centrally located in North Delta. You’ll be able to ask me any more questions you may have, see and touch the albums and other products I offer and see if you might like to have me around for 8 or so hours on your wedding day. Booking can be done at the consultation or you can think it over later at home and then book online. Don’t forget that you can view four of the most popular packages I offer ahead of time on the Wedding Investment page. These are the most popular packages, but I can customize or create one just for you!

Take the next step and reach me either by email, phone/text (604)313-6389 or through the submission form in the contact section of this website to book your consultation today.